Testimony in Support of LD 721

Good afternoon Senator Mazurek, Representative Theriault, and members of the Transportation Committee. My name is Maureen Drouin and I am the Executive Director of Maine Conservation Voters. MCV is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works to make Maine’s environment a priority.

I urge you to support LD 721, because when public laws are made and enforced in an inclusive, fair and transparent manner, those laws work better for everyone.

Maine people have long understood a simple truth: our environment, our health, and our economic opportunities all go hand-in-hand.  It is unwise and unnecessary to choose one over the others.

Maine’s environmental protections have been carefully crafted over decades to support our economy and our way of life.  To maintain the integrity of these protections, we must not allow government actions to be conducted in secret. 

Maine people must be able to trust the process and count on transparency. Our policies, including those that govern natural resources, local and state economies, and the health of Maine people, should represent the best research, the highest consideration of individual and community needs, and the closest reflection of our shared priorities.

When public laws are made and enforced in a thorough, inclusive, and fair manner, those laws work better for everyone. Public-private partnerships can bring incredible value to Maine’s economy, but when public resources are at stake, the people of Maine should have all the facts so they can make an informed decision.

By passing LD 721, we can help make Maine a place where there is 100% confidence in the policymaking process and 100% assurance that laws will be strictly and evenly enforced.  I respectfully urge you to vote ought to pass on LD 721.


Maureen Drouin